Grande-Riviere-du-Nord is located about 12 miles south of Cap-Haitien. The congregation also operates a school that opened in the fall of 2012. (After canvassing the neighborhood, they thought they were going to start with 15 students and ended up having 80 show up.)


This congregation began meeting in a room above a house, where they put on posts and a metal roof. After LMA helped them with the purchase of a property and helped them build walls, the congregation took the metal roof from the upstairs church and moved it to the new property.

The Property

Located in a residential part of town, this lot has a partial wall (about four feet in some places, eight feet in others). The building has been given some recent facelifts-rebuilding some walls and a new roof!

Worship area

Thanks to some generous donations the well is finally in working order!


The School

The children at the school are now receiving a daily lunch meal provided by Trinity/HOPE.

Pastoral Care

This congregation is being served by Pastor Gergens Edouard, who also serves as the principal at the Madeline school during the week.


To say "thank you" for providing a daily meal, the children drew some pictures.