Building Desks

Thank you from Pastor Kip:

I want to share 2 Thank you Letters sent to you from Cap Haitian.  The first one is from Pastor Bernard.  The Second one was from a 6th grade student for whom you provided a school desk and a daily lunch.  I want you to know that you are making a difference in the lives of your Lutheran sisters and brothers in Northern Haiti.  I pray that as you read them you can hear Jesus saying to you, “Thank you!  What you did for my Haitian brothers you have done for Me.” 

So Thank You.  Thank you. And thank you from Haiti.  Let me close with the Apostle Paul’s last thoughts at the end of his great chapter on Christ’ resurrection from the dead.   “My dear brothers, stand firm.  Let nothing move you.  Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain. “(I Cor. 15:58).

A letter from Pastor Bernard:

From April 4 through April 11 2014, a dedicated team of 6 people from Holy Cross under Rev. Kip Smith’s leadershp came to Cap-Haitian. That team has been divided into two groups.

One group was building pews for the five schools of the district and the other group was working at the clinic and at Dondon.  We have been so blessed and it was a wonderful experience for us to have them working side by side with our Haitian workers. 56 pews have been built before they left and during these two past weeks our Haitian workers were able to build 46 more. Praise Thee ! Can you believe it ? Pews are not anymore a challenge for us. Yesterday we have distributed new and well built pews to all of our schools and still continue to build more as needed.

Thank you so much dear saints of Holy Cross for supporting in many ways the Lord Ministry in the Northern District.  ( 2 Cor. 9 : 11)


A letter from a 6th grade student:

Cap Haitien, April 9, 2014

To Holy Cross Lutheran Church 

Good day,

My name is Romeus Rolanie Severe. (Child pictured is not the same as the letter writer.)   It is a great day for me to mix my voice with the voice of every grade in our school, particularly grade 6, along with the school office to thank the team that has been working since Saturday.

When school opened in October 2013, many students did not have a place to sit.  Many of us had to get another chair because writing was so difficult.  Today, every child has a chair to sit.  Bravo and bravo again.

Bravo not only from us, but Jesus deserves a bigger applause and acknowledgement.

Pastor Gergens told us that this is the same church that gave us food.  We did have a bad time in January because we had nothing to eat at school.  But when you heard the news, you spent no time to send food to us.   One thing we can say, if it were not for God’s love, you would not have recognized our need in this difficult time.

We know it is not easy for you to come here from so far away.  Never discourage this because we are the future of this country.   Some of us have big dreams:  Doctor, engineer, agriculturist, registered nuse, senator or even president.  Today’s children are tomorrow’s adults.  We cannot repay you but God will reward it.

May God bless you very much, and don’t forget to give our greetings to all in the church who contributed to us today.


(Above & 2 Below) The team from Holy Cross instructs and helps the Haitiens build desks.

After the team left, more screws were sent down, and more desks were built with the donated power tools.

Desks were distributed to the other school locations, as well.