Feed the School Children

You’ve been hungry many times in your life, but could always look forward to your next meal, knowing you would have all the food you needed in only a few hours.

In many parts of the world, that’s not true. Just two hours away from our shores is Haiti … the poorest country in our hemisphere.

Here, children go to bed hungry almost every day. They don’t understand the idea of breakfast, lunch and dinner. These children are never sure when they will next eat, and most never know the feeling of a full stomach.

Several organizations, including Holy Cross, are doing what they can to help these starving children. We have challenged ourselves to raise enough money to feed the students at five schools in Haiti.

It will take $57,000 to feed the approximately eleven hundred children enrolled in the schools. The number of students has grown in recent years because the children are eager to learn, but also because the meal they receive at lunch is … for many … the only meal they will eat all day.

It’s hard to learn on an empty stomach. They receive only a simple meal of beans and rice but this daily lunch provides them with the nutrition they need as they learn about writing and math, and about the love of their savior, Jesus Christ.

To help us achieve our mission, we partnered with Trinity/HOPE an organization dedicated to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to the children in Haitian schools as they are being educated. Trinity/HOPE has been helping to educate and feed the children of Haiti for nearly 15 years.

Trinity/HOPE does God’s work very efficiently. They prepare a filling, nutritious meal of beans and rice every school day at a cost of only 27 cents per child.

Through their stewardship, 97 cents of every dollar you donate is used directly to buy and serve food. Only three cents is used for administration. Few charities can claim such efficient use of their donor’s money.

An empty stomach has no ears. When children are hungry, they can’t learn. And if they don’t learn, the cycle of poverty, hunger and despair will continue.

By feeding the children and encouraging them to get an education, you can help build their prospects for a better long term future for them, their families and their country.

We have committed to feeding eleven hundred students in the coming year and need to raise the money to do so. For only $52 dollars, you can feed one child for the entire school year – an entire school year. But every contribution … no matter the size … is greatly appreciated. Please help feed a child and change a life.

We thank you for helping God’s needy children, young and old, in northern Haiti.  Your gift makes a real difference in their lives.

You can partner with H.E.L.P. (Haiti Evangelical Lutheran Project) to “Feed the School Children”

There are 2 options for giving your financial contributions:

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Please make checks payable to H.E.L.P. Tax receipts will be issued.

Thank you for your support!


The children drew pictures in thanksgiving for receiving their daily meal:

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