About H.E.L.P.

Making a lasting difference in Cap Haitien by helping them become self-sufficient.

Our Mission Statement:

Help, Equip and Support the Lutheran churches in and around Cap Haitien improve the Spiritual, physical, and educational lives of God's people in their communities.

H.E.L.P. focuses on the following five specific projects:

1. Provide a quality Christian Education for children who attend one of their five Lutheran Elementary schools:

  • Provide tuition sponsorships for children who could not otherwise attend school.
  • Insure and strengthen stable, quality, Christian teaching staffs through consistent funding for salaries and ongoing education.
  • Enhance the learning environment of these 5 schools through improvements to curriculum and facilities.

2. Provide renewable nutrition and food for the five communities by the establishment and expansion of facilities and farms.

  • Research how to best develop these resources in the Haitian climate.
  • Train and equip church members to grow food in a highly efficient manner to feed their people and to provide funding for their expanding ministries.
  • Fund the capital improvements necessary to make these farms operational.

3. Provide medical care and proper training in hygiene.

  • Send medical mission teams down to examine the children once a year.
  • Send mission teams out to the outlying congregations.
  • Provide funding for vitamins and other medications for the children.
  • Provide funding for a part time doctor at the clinic.
  • Develop and implement ongoing classes on personal hygiene issues.

4. Provide a well at each church and make the water available to the surrounding community.

  • Distribute water filtration systems for families without access to clean wells.

5. Equip the churches to more effectively bring unbelievers to faith in Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior and to build up their present believers.

  • Provide funding for completing their church sanctuaries.
  • Subsidize the pastors' salaries since the churches are too poor to pay them.
  • Send pastors down to teach the lay pastors.
  • Provide transportation (motor scooters) for the lay pastors.
  • Help in any other way that is necessary as the needs arise.