Church Support

Equip the churches to more effectively bring unbelievers to faith in Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior and to build up their present believers.

  • Provide funding for completing their church sanctuaries.
  • Subsidize the pastors' salaries since the churches are too poor to pay them.
  • Send pastors down to teach the lay pastors.
  • Provide transportation (motor scooters) for the lay pastors.
  • Help in any other way that is necessary as the needs arise.

The five churches are located at:

Pastor Bernard preaching on a Sunday at Madeleine.

A new church being constructed near St. Raphael.




Photo left: Sunday worship at Madeleine. Children sit up front. Adults in the back.

Worship at Grande-Rivière-du-Nord.

The church at Saint-Raphaël